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Buying a Liquor License can be a traumatic experience, there are several state and local governmental agencies involved in the purchase, transfer, and placement of a License. Due Diligence is key prior to purchasing a license. Florida Business Investments, Inc. will conduct the necessary searches to ensure that there are no liens or encumbrances against the license, that the State of Florida Sales Taxes and Unemployment Taxes are current, and there are no outstanding Distributor Invoices. We also conduct a search with the Division of AB&T, to ensure that the License is in good standing, and that it can be transferred to a qualified buyer.

Florida Business Investments, Inc. takes all the guesswork out of a sale/purchase and transfer of a License. We prepare the Purchase Agreement and all the necessary applications and walk them through the appropriate agencies to be sure that the License is issued in a timely manner, without any hassles.

If you own a Liquor License and are interested in selling, please contact us to discuss your options and see how we may be of assistance! Florida Business Investments, Inc. is a licensed Florida Real Estate Firm and has a statewide network for the brokerage of Florida Liquor Licenses in all counties. We have a vast affiliation with other brokers and attorneys specializing in the selling and closing of Liquor Licenses. We can arrange low, competitive financing for qualified buyers which will allow you to be cashed out at closing. Always be sure you are working with a licensed broker that has a legitimate escrow account regulated by the state of Florida and close with a qualified attorney knowledgeable in Beverage Law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Florida Business Investments considers this a conflict of interest. Therefore if the answer is yes, then there is a chance they will buy your license at a below market price and then sell it for a profit. FBI never buys and sells licenses. We only Broker them.
Many of the Liquor License Brokers are not licensed real estate Brokers or Attorneys. Therefore there is no accountability to any Florida State regulatory agency for your escrowed funds. This may lead to a law suit to recover funds placed in a non regulated escrow account. FBI is a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker.
This is a very important question. A Liquor License can not be transferred if any of the following reasons exists: If there is any administrative action against the license, if there are any liens or judgments against the license, if there is any unpaid Florida Sales Tax or Unemployment Tax owed, if there are any unpaid Beverage Distributors, and if the license is not in good standing (Unpaid renewal fees or administrative action against the license). For these reasons, FBI will only close a transaction with an attorney knowledgeable in Beverage Law. For your convenience we use several attorneys throughout the entire State of Florida. Whatever you do, never close on a liquor license without a qualified attorney.
Most Brokers will complete the Beverage License Transfer Applications. However, FBI will assist the Buyer in obtaining zoning, sales tax number, health and fire inspections, and set up the appointment with the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco. This allows the license to be transferred in a timely hassle free manner.
Florida Business Investments, Inc. can arrange low competitive financing with a number of Banks and private lenders. Our lenders offer a wide variety of loans to fit your personal financial requirements.
No, you do not have to be a citizen or a Florida resident. However, if you or a corporation that you own has been convicted of a felony in the state of Florida or any other state within the past 15 years you may not be eligible to own a Florida Liquor License.
Knowledge, Experience & Professionalism! Bob Lasek has been serving Florida's hospitality, real estate and business brokerage market since 1986. With a proven track record of over 1000 successfully closed hospitality and liquor license transactions, Bob Lasek has clearly established a reputation as the Number One Broker in the industry!
Yes. Florida Business Investments Inc. is a licensed real estate and business broker specializing in the sale of hospitality businesses, Liquor Licenses, and package stores. Just click on the link to MrBroker1.com to view our web pages.
Consulting. FBI is as close to a "One Stop" hospitality brokerage firm that you will encounter. Our expertise encompasses a thorough knowledge of the industry; including real estate and business brokerage, market and business analysis, site selection, lease negotiation, and the sale of Florida Alcoholic Beverage Licenses. Florida is comprised of 67 counties and over 900 municipalities all with different zoning requirements, codes and ordinances. There are also a several different state governmental agencies regulating your business. Finding the answers to all of the information that one would need to make any type of intelligent business decision is absolutely mind-boggling. Florida Business Investments, Inc ., does consulting on obtaining several different types of Liquor License issued by the State. We charge a reasonable fee to compile and prepare the endless forms and applications and hand walk all of the necessary paper work through the appropriate agencies. We can also recommend qualified professionals such as attorneys, accountants, contractors, and suppliers.
Yes. FBI has built a large network for securing Florida Liquor Licenses for sale. We are a Florida Licensed Real Estate and Business Brokerage Firm. We have a large affiliation with other brokers, Beverage Law Attorneys and lenders through the State. FBI will assist you with zoning, county and municipal ordinances and codes, and state statues. Beware of companies that broker Liquor Licenses nationwide. They are often not knowledgeable in these areas.
The price varies from county to county so there is no set price. Licenses are issued in a lottery by the State of Florida approximately once a year. They are called quota licenses because the number of licenses issued to any given county is based an increase of 7500 new residents to a particular county. License values are based in part on supply and demand. Most counties have an average established price. However, if there is a glut of licenses, the price will often be less than average, but if a license in a particular county is hard to find, then the price could be higher.

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